Senior Minister directs for measures to supply wheat to seed companies


A high level meeting of four important departments was held in Lahore today chaired by Senior Punjab Minister Abdul Aleem Khan.

The meeting has decided that the departments of Food, Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock should be on one page for which the Secretaries of these four departments would evolve joint strategy.

The meeting decided that working group has been formed which will formulate recommendations for short and long term policy to make the province self-sufficient in the Food Sector.

Addressing the meeting, the Senior Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan directed the seed companies in the province to take immediate steps for the provision of wheat and reiterated that the Punjab Food Department would assist the seed companies in supplying wheat to them in addition to its target for procurement of wheat.

He said that despite the seasonal changes, the wheat crop in Punjab has improved by the grace of Allah Almighty and we will not only meet our procurement target soon but also the demand for wheat for the brotherly province of KPK will be achieved.

He told the meeting that a strong campaign has been launched against the hoarders, no concessions will be given to them and the siege against them will be further tightened.

Minister for Agriculture Malik Noman Langarial and Minister for Irrigation Sardar Mohsin Leghari appreciated the proposal made by Senior Punjab Minister Abdul Aleem Khan to improve the working relationship between the four departments. Similarly, Minister for Consolidation Syed Samsam Ali Bukhari and Minister for Livestock Sardar Hasnain Bahadur Dareshk also welcomed the better coordination among the four departments for the production target of the province.


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