It’s honor for Alhamra to give civil awards to artists on the recommendations of the LAC: Saman


The Government of Pakistan, Islamabad invites nominations every year for different categories of Civil Awards to be announced by the President, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 14th August.

In recognition and acknowledgement of the services of artists at the official level, the Lahore Arts Council (LAC) has sent recommendations to the Punjab government for awarding civil awards to different categories of  Art & culture like performing arts, fine & visual arts, literature and crafts.

This year, LAC sent nominations from nearly all the possible fields Alhamra sends such recommendations every year, and the government recognizes the recommendations of Lahore Arts Council and issues civil awards to deserving candidates annually.

In a statement , Executive Director Lahore Arts Council Saman Rai said that civil awards not only bring honor and respect to the winning artists but also serve as a beacon for newcomers in the field of literature.

She said that the role of our artists from different field of art and the efforts that they made to beautify the society and to promoting high values in the country is very important and we truly acknowledge their services.

Saman Rai said that it is an honor for Alhamra to give civil awards to artists on the recommendations of the Lahore Arts Council.

She said Civil awards are conferred upon the artists, poets, intellectuals, painters, in recognition of their achievements and services rendered for the development of art and culture.


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