Govt introducing soft loan scheme for starting new businesses: Aslam

A delegation of the Traders Wing Pakistan led by its President Haji Tahir Naveed met Punjab Minister for Industries and Trade Main Aslam Iqbal in Lahore.
Issues being faced by traders during this pandemic were discussed during the meeting.
Speaking on this occasion, the Minister said that traders play pivotal role for promotion and expansion of the economy.
He said that we are solving the issues of the trader community on a priority basis. He said that the coronavirus pandemic hit the economic process badly and he will present traders suggestions to open the market on Saturday and  increase the working hours in NCOC.
He said that the incumbent government is introducing a soft loan scheme for starting new businesses.
Aslam Iqbal said that agenda of PTI government is to promote economic activities and creating new employment opportunities.
The Minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s strategy of smart lockdown yielded positive results.

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