Lahore court sentences motorway rapists to death


LAHORE: special bench of ATC (anti-terrorism court) in Lahore has handed a death sentence to Abid Malhi and Shafqat Ali for raping a woman on the Lahore Sialkot motorway last year.

The two men raped a woman in front of her three children on September 9, 2020. It took the police one month to arrest prime suspect Abid Malhi, while Shafqat Bagga surrendered to them.
The challan against them was submitted on February 20, and the suspects were indicted on March 3. The court reserved the verdict on March 18.

The case has been in court for the last six months. Here’s what happened during the case trial:
The woman was accompanied by the police to the jail for the identification of the suspects.
The prosecution argued that they found the DNA of the two suspects.
Abid Malhi confessed to raping the woman twice, while Shafqat raped her once. They ran away after snatching Rs100,000 from her.

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