Govt decided to ban TLB


ISLAMABAD: The federal government decided to ban Tehreek-e-Libek Pakistan. Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid while addressing a press conference said that the decision to ban Tehreek-e-Libek was taken under the Anti-Terrorism Act and the Punjab government has recommended banning the organization. We are forwarding summary to the cabinet.

Since Monday, TLP activists have been demonstrating against the arrest of their leader, Allama Saad Hussain Rizvi.Hundreds of protesters and policemen were injured and thousands of TLP activists and supporters were arrested and booked for attacking law enforcement personnel and blocking main roads and highways in protest against the arrest of their leader Allama Saad Hussain Rizvi.

The federal cabinet decided to deploy Pakistan Rangers in all major cities of the country during the holy month of Ramazan to maintain law and order and resolved that the present government would not succumb to any pressure of the TLP. “Every group has a right of protest and we are ready to hold talks with TLP,” said Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry at a post-cabinet meeting press conference.

Responding to a query, the minister said the government was ready to sit with the TLP but would not take any dictation from any group. He said the government would not allow any group to take law into its own hand.

Over 300 policemen in Punjab, including 97 in Lahore, had sustained injuries, many of them seriously, after the violent protesters attacked them with clubs, bricks and firearms. The Gujrat district police officer and Kharian DSP were among the injured.


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