YDAP shows aggression over DRAP’s letter regarding prescription


LAHORE: A letter written by Young Doctors Association Punjab (YDAP) to Federal Health Secretary &and Secretary Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department in which YDAP demands the Government to ensure quality medicine for the patients.

President YDA Mr. Dr Mudassar Nawaz Ashrafi said over the years the Pakistan Drugs Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has been involved in registering low quality medicine. They have destroyed the standards of medicine.  The officials of DRAP own private companies and are taking part in various political activities which is misuse of their authorities. These practices promote corruption & bribery in the most sensitive profession.

The DRAP has no authority to dictate the doctors under any law, Mr. Abdul Rasheed who is candidate in some elections of pharmacist have tried to hit the repute of the medical profession Mr. Mudassar said.

He added more  Mr. Abdul Rasheed is using Title DR. with his name which is illegal as per laws of PMDC.  We demand the Government to remove Mr Rasheed from his seat immediately for misusing his authorities, using Title Doctor with his name, owning private company and promoting his companies while sitting on very sensitive seat.

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