Who is rapist? by M Azeem u Din


Last time i was scrolling down my Facebook account and suddenly i saw a video in which a hopeless mother was standing with her 5 years daughter. She was weeping.After watching that video i came to know that her five years daughter was rapped by someone and she was crying for justice and help from government. During the video the little princess pulled trouser-off and said to a policeman look uncle what they did with me. Her mother shouted loudly like at hopeless bird shot by a hunter.

After watching that I felt water on my cheeks I have no idea since when i was weeping, and my tears questioned me that who was the rapist ?who was the tyrant who never thought about the little soul? After searching on google i came to know that there are 11 rape cases reporting every day and one in two hours in Pakistan. Most of them were little girls but boys are also involved. So basically we all are rapists from inside because we ignore these types of incidents. Our government is rapist who never take serious action on these painful cases.

In our society our women, our sisters and our daughters are not safe on highway, in schools, in Madrasah and even in our own houses. I thought the rapers are some uneducated persons but in this society step fathers are rapists, teachers are rapists even quari sab who teaches us about the punishment of a rapist is also rapist himself. So if we talk about the daily rape causes I think there are few reasons behind. Some people blame dressings of the girls but I want to ask them all that what should be the dressing of a five years old girl what should be the dressing of a step daughter what should be the dressing of a boy who to goes to Madressah for the education of Islam. After all we are Muslims and how we cannot control our nafs so it does not matter that what’s girls are wearing for a man who know about Teachings of Islam.

So in my opinion I think that the late weddings could be a reason of rape. In our society it is a common problem that people do weddings in older age but there is a stage of our age when a young boy or girl needs sexual contact and when he or she did not find his or her needs he or she make these kind of unbearable things so parents should focus on this issue. Then may be we observe some improvements. The next main reason is lake of implementation of laws by government.

Once i was with my grandfather in fields and some crows use to destroy our crops. My grandfather killed one of them and hanged with the tree at front of all other crows. He put his hand on my shoulder and said if you want to save your crops from bloody crows make one of them a lesson or sign of warning for others then they will stop own their own. So here we need to make a sign of warning or a lesson for other rapist. We have to hung up some rapist in front of people. We have to make them a lesson for society.

we have deal them according the teachings of Islam so in this way may be we can control this curse of society. On the other hand parents are well aware of our society but they are not so friendly with their children they should guide them that if they notice any movement like this from anywhere they do not feel hesitation to tell their parents and guide your daughters to be strong for these type of animals.

They should guide them about good or bad touch and if they experience anything like this they should first tell their parents
Because there’s no one superior than parents in this selfish world. Parents should teach their children about the bitter reality of our society.

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