PMC awarded contract on favoritism


LAHORE: Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has awarded a million of rupees contract of conducting examinations to a service provider firm incorporated after advertisement deadline, according to sources vice president PMC Ali Raja has contracted his favorite firm to take Medical and Dental College Admission Test.


From the candidates appearing for the MCAT exam, More than Rs 1.13 billion in revenue will be collected, Surprisingly deadline of applications was till May 10 but the firm which has been contracted was registered on 21st May with SEC number 0175598. The private firm TAPS has sought an advance of Rs 115.5 million from the Pakistan Medical Commission for conducting the examination and has also requested not to deduct advance income tax.

According to the agreement, the private firm will deduct the advance amount from the share received in the fee received from MDCAT. The organizations of doctors demanded a forensic audit from the NAB. Source confirms that Mr. Ali Raza has his personal interest in that firm.

Last year Mr. Ali Raze was involved in conducting the medical entrance test, although Ali Raze himself has been investigating irregularities. The last medical entry test paper was made from NUMS, while the medical entry test was conducted by NTS.
Last year’s medical entry test also revealed a number of irregularities. When results was released, the portal was shut down and the results altered, which led to protests by medical students.

On the other hand, according to the PMC Act, medical entry test will be conducted, but this law is also being violated. PMC contracts a private firm instead of conducting the test itself. Six thousand five fees will be charged from each doctor for the examination,
A total of 1.13 billion will be collected.

On this issue General Secretary, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Lahore Prof. Shahid Malik said that the NAB should immediately take notice and conduct an investigation into the mega-scandal, and it would be checked whether the MCAT would be held as per the advertisement issued by a PMC. The deadline for the companies was May 10, but the firm has been contracted to conduct the medical entry test.

The firm STEPS has registered with the SEC on May 21, IE after the deadline, said Prof. Shahid Malik. The PMA demands that the medical entry test, NEE and PMC should be abolished, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council should be formed.

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