A good fitness program consists of exercises that work out the whole body. 


By Maira Razaq

When we talk about physical fitness, the first thing that comes to our mind is “Our Body’s fitness”. Basically, it means the ability of the body to work properly or effectively. It is a common state of good physical wellness. It is a result of a good and proper diet plan and exercise. Fitness can enable people to complete their potential and forthcoming objectives. The WHO states that insufficient physical fitness or activity is the 4th major and leading risk of mortality.
Daily exercise plays an important role in immunity which prevents us from various chronic diseases. Regular exercise lowers the early death rate and cholesterol level. Routine exercises make our minds fresh and healthy. Exercises make our body’s immune system strong that defends us from viral and bacterial infections.
The major factors that play role in physical inactivity are sedentary behavior, passive transportation, spent a lot of time on social media, inactivity during leisure time, eating junk food, and insomnia. All these factors contributing to physical inactivity all around the world.

In the days of Covid-19, healthy food is everyone’s requirement. Ever since the outbreak of coronavirus, the WHO has emphasized the need to prevent the spread of disease, and to increase immunity. It has been written that a good diet is the only way to stay healthy while taking care of one’s nutritional needs daily. The body develops an immune system that protects its body against various diseases.
To maintain physical fitness, we need to follow a proper diet plan. We must take food that contains more nutrients. That is why medical experts recommend eating more vegetables, especially raw vegetables. There is a lot of research going on around the world about the benefits of vegetables, which have revealed that raw or cooked vegetables contain certain natural nutrients that help our body to protect against various diseases. It contains most of the essential elements that play a significant role in human development, including, vitamins, minerals, and calcium, etc.

In the modern era, where heart disease, blood pressure, etc. have come to the fore, the rate of the traumatic disease has also increased. The disease is caused by a disorder of the spinal cord seals that is slowly affecting humans. People with this disease have stretch marks around the shoulder, pain in the back of the neck, and stiffness in the spinal cord. The patient has difficulty in getting up, sitting, bending, and walking. Although this disease can be treated with medicine or surgery, our daily diet and exercise also play an important role in reducing the severity of this disease. Certain foods help to reduce inflammation and back pain.
The problem of spinal cord and back pain is related not only to our diet but also to our posture and lifestyle.

Difficulty can occur at any age if the lifestyle is slow, and the sitting style is not right. So where you take care of your diet, make sure you get proper exercise and sitting up.
In the era of technology, we do not have enough time for daily exercise. Humans are like robots. They do not have time for their selves. Youngsters spent much of their time on social media apps and waste their precious time in useless activities. Nowadays youngsters are very lazy. The problem is, they do not take healthy diet and they do not have a proper exercise plan. Even going for a morning walk or take a healthy diet are enough to keep someone healthy. If you are physically active, then you complete your daily tasks with great efficiency. That is why it is said that fitness is a thousand blessings.

If you want to stay healthy, happy, and fit, try to improve your diet because a healthy person has strong immunity which helps us to be safe from diseases.

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