DG PHOTA misuse his powers illegally and also involved in Nepotism out of the way


LAHORE: Health Department has failed to appoint a permanent DG of Punjab Human  Organs Transplant  Authority (PHOTA ) for last two years. On the death of Prof Faisal Masood, Dr Murtaza Haider was given a temporary charge for 3 months.


Due to non-appointment of a permanent DG PHOTA, several projects are pending.  The white elephants of PHOTA are busy injecting crores of rupees into the government exchequer every year.

Organs Procurement cell (OPC) could not be completed. Due to non-purchase of space for permanent  office, Rs 1 million per month is being spent on rent to the exchequer.

According to sources, Dr Murtaza Haider recruited before the Faisalabad office became active. Dr Murtaza was given temporary charge for 90 days. Despite being shortlisted five candidates for the post of Permanent DG, could not be appointed still.

On that issue Dr Murtaza misguided Health Minister Dr Yasmeen Rashid and Department of Health as well and provided incorrect information. The project of OPC in Lahore General Hospital is only on paper, Even no place has been designed for it till date.

A hand out issued by health department details about Faisalabad office was not mentioned. Progress of Multan office is zero. There was a plan to buy space for the office in Knowledge Park but it too has not been followed till date and Rs 1 million is being spent on office rent.


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